Shawn Michael Smith has always been a musician.

Many days and sleepless nights have been devoted by Shawn Michael Smith to achieving his goal of performing on stages world wide.

Shawn has performed many concerts and also DJ'd plenty of weddings and proms. Music is what has kept Shawn Michael Smith driven through the rough life he has had; psychiatric illness and hunger.

Now twenty five years old; his is engaged.

Shawn Michael Smith did a great job in school; then mental illness took over his life.

Every day is a battle for Shawn Michael Smith as he suffers daily from PTSD, OCD, schizoaffective disorder, debilitating
anxiety, and major depression.

Through all this, Shawn Michael Smith has never given up faith in his music.

Despite multiple hospitalizations and it being nearly impossible to leave the house and socialize; Shawn Michael Smith has never given up on his dream of spreading positive messages world wide through his music.

You will never hear Shawn Michael Smith talk bad about his life - current situation or past; only positive words escape Shawn Smith's tongue.

Shawn Michael Smith; now twenty five years old; is currently living in his second residential mental health rehabilition center.

Shawn Michael Smith puts God, his Fiance, and his Family first.

He attends church three or more times a week with his wonderful Fiance Jill. Sometimes fellow brothers and sisters in Christ give them a ride; sometimes they walk. Reguardless of weather or convenience; if in well health, they never miss a church event.

For fifteen years, Shawn Michael Smith has educated himself in Music. He records, produces, engineers, and promotes his own music.

Promotion of music is not cheap. The quality of Shawn Michael Smith's music is not cheap either.

From performing at parties and proms; to the legendary Toad's Place in New Haven, CT; on York ST; where the world renowned Yale University is located; Shawn Michael Smith has always given his all to everything.

Shawn Michael Smith; despite all his mental illnesses; continues day in and day out to create reality of his golden dreams and platinum goals.

"Never will I fail. Success is the best. My mom told me so," Shawn Smith laughs, as he speaks highly of his family; which includes both the Smiths and the Woodfields of Naugatuck, CT, 06770.